Green Workplace Challenge


Current Placement: 2   Current Points: 87
Cranberry has entered Pittsburgh's Green Workplace Challenge
Healthy Cranberry

The Green Workplace Challenge enables businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, and colleges/universities to participate in a friendly challenge program where they receive recognition for their

sustainable actions



How it Works...

  • Choose sustainable actions to complete, strive towards, and improve upon from the GWC Manual
  • Complete actions and submit the required information to GWC to receive points
  • Earn points based on the action and number of times we can repeat the action
  • Complete as many actions as possible to receive as many points as possible
  • Check GWC website to view total number of points and where other competitors stand in the competition
  • WIN!
Why is Cranberry involved...

  • Planning for the long term health of our community is the #1 goal of The Cranberry Plan, the Township’s long-term comprehensive plan
  • To capitalize on processes to save money by reducing waste, energy, and water use
  • Improve upon our sustainable operations
  • Gain public recognition for positive achievements
  • Learn and grow from others participating in the competition
  • Ensure the long-term sustainability of Cranberry Township

See the actions we've completed...

See the actions we're working on now...

Learn more about the Green Workplace Challenge visit
Read the competition guidelines; follow the competitors on the leader board; and observe the competition.