Mattress or Box Spring Disposal

A mattress and/or box spring must be wrapped in plastic and taped securely.

These are considered large items and require
 a $4 bag tag for pick-up.  
Without a tag; or unwrapped - these will not be collected.

Why must these items be securely wrapped? The issue is related to worker health & safety caused by: 
  • Sanitary conditions
  • Soiled mattress
  • Weather “rain soaked”
  • Bed bugs
Materials that can be used to wrap the mattress and/or box spring
  • Sheet plastic
  • Painter’s plastic drop cloth
  • Plastic mattress bag
  • Plastic covering from the replacement mattress and box spring
Alternative disposal options
  • Return the old mattress and box spring to the store for disposal 
  • Private disposal services: 1-800 Got Junk, or Junk King 1-888-888-5865