Building and Zoning Codes

The group is primarily responsible for building, zoning, sign and fire prevention permit review, issuance and inspection. Key functions include enforcement of the building and zoning code(s), the Property Code and responding to citizen concerns related to such matters.

Cranberry Township has adopted the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code which presently adheres to the 2009 International Codes. The 2009 edition of the ICC Codes will remain in effect with the following amendment: Effective April 16, 2016, Chapter 11 and Appendix E of the 2015 International Building Code and the accessibility provisions of the 2015 International Existing Building Code are adopted as required by Act 1 of 2011, as well as the referenced standard ICC ANSI A117.1 2009 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.

Sidewalk Maintenance:

Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of every property owner.  In the warmer months, remember to keep sidewalks clear of debris, such as bush and tree limbs.  During the winter, remember that snow and ice removal from sidewalks is the responsibility of each resident and business whose properties abut those sidewalks.   Sidewalk maintenance
Questions may be directed to Jeff Musher, Manager, Development and Code Services.  
Ph: 724-776-4806 x1105. 
Residential    Access the Residential Building Permit package, as well as additional information related to residential construction.
Non-Residential   Access Non-Residential Building and Zoning Permit package, as well as additional information related to non-residential construction.
Signs   Access the Sign Ordinance and Sign Permit application.  
Fees, Codes & Ordinances   Access the fee schedule for inspections, technical reviews, utility services, rentals, permits and application approvals.
  Access applications for fire alarm, sprinkler, hood/suppression systems and testing, and additional information.   
Building / Fire Code Appeals Board   The Building / Fire Code Appeals Board hears appeals based on Building Code Official's decision(s), requests for variances, and/or extensions for project completion.  
Hearing Board
  The Zoning Hearing Board hears appeals from property owners seeking variances from zoning requirements.
Issued Permits   Access monthly summary reports for Residential and Non-Residential building permits that have been issued.