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Sustainable Business Pledge Checklist

  1. Healthy Cranberry Business

  2. Sustainability is centered around what are known as "The Three E's" of environment, economy, and equality or the “The Three P’s” of people, planet, and profit. It takes a broad look at the world in an effort to keep social, economic, and natural systems in order for future generations. Cranberry Township is committed to the sustainability of our community through the Healthy Cranberry Program. In 2008, the Cranberry Township Board of Supervisors adopted a set of guiding principles developed by the community. The Principles help ensure that Cranberry's long-term health and sustainability are always factored into decision-making. They are to -

  3. Be Distinctive Prosperous Healthy Engaged Committed

  4. Recognition as a Healthy Cranberry Business includes participating in a voluntary program that highlights and congratulates businesses for implementing actions that are good for their bottom line, the environment, and the Cranberry community. Businesses that pledge to incorporate or have already incorporated sustainable practices into their operations are making valuable contributions to the economic and environmental health of the community and are making a positive impact on Cranberry Township. Being identified as a Healthy Cranberry Business helps potential consumers and business partners recognize and select to patronize organizations that are committed to sustainability and view it as a critical component to their overall mission and business plan. All businesses located within Cranberry Township are eligible to be recognized as a Healthy Cranberry Business.

  5. 1. Review the checklist below. Businesses must check at least 1 criteria in each Sustainability Principle or pledge to complete at least 10 options total.

    2. Click "Submit." Your Sustainability Pledge Checklist will be submitted to Cranberry Township.

    3. Your checklist will be reviewed by Cranberry Township and you will be notified of your recognition as a Healthy Cranberry Sustainable Business within 2 weeks.

  6. Be Distinctive

  7. We pledge

  8. Be Prosperous

  9. We pledge

  10. Be Healhty

  11. We pledge

  12. Be Engaged

  13. We pledge

  14. Be Committed

  15. We pledge


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